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The Department of Chemistry was established in 1963 and this is its Golden Jubilee Year. The academic and research foundation of this department was laid down by the founder Professor R. H. Sahasrabudhey. Soon under his leadership this department attained the reputation of an excellent center of chemistry teaching and research in the national as well as international maps. It runs M.Sc.(Chemistry) course of four semesters with emphasis on imparting to the students the experimental skills on conventional as well as modern laboratory techniques besides equipping them with the sound chemistry theory through class room teaching. It runs four specializations, viz. Physical, Organic, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry with electives on nuclear, polymer, medicinal, applied analytical, drugs and dyes and environmental chemistry. On demand it also runs a sel-financed three semester M.Phil. course with intake capacity of 10. It has excellent facilities, for carrying out pure and applied research in chemistry, both in terms of availability of instruments and expert guides. The department has gamma-rays and Americium-Beryllium neutron sources, UV-VIS and IR Spectrophotometers, GC, HPLC, Thermogravimetry, Magnetic measurement facility besides routine laboratory equipments. Amongst the all science departments this department has a unique distinction of producing highest number of Ph.D. awardees in past 50 years totalling to 220. The departmental library caters to the students and researchers. It has about 2700 books and monographs and 13 scientific periodicals in addition to the central library in the campus. It has a computer laboratory with 20 computers with an internet facility. The major funding of the department is from UGC from its five year plan schemes and developmental grants both from UGC and DST. This department runs regularly national/international conferences/seminars funded by central and foreign agencies and about 30 such meets have been conducted in past. It also leads the saga of chemistry in the central India by running at regular intervals the refresher courses and orientation programmes for the teachers of degree colleges to keep them abreast with the new trends and advancements in chemistry in particular and science in general. The competency of the teachers of this department brings in the research funds regularly from DST, CSIR, UGC, IAEA-Warsaw, DAE-BRNS, etc. This department runs a placement cell for passing out students and undertake chemical analysis and consultancy services on economical charges to surrounding industries and laboratories. The torch that was lit and carried effectively by the founder Professor R. H. Sahasrabudhey is now being carried with the same zeal by the present teachers, who incidently constitute his second/third generation students, of this department.

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In its golden jubilee year presents

2013 International Workshop on Hadronic

Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics


October 21 __ 26, 2013


Rashtrasant Tukadoji Nagpur University,

Ravindranath Tagore Marg,

Nagpur—440 001

Department of Chemistry,

Rashtrasant Tukadoji Nagpur University,

Mahatma Jyotiba Fuley Educational Campus, Nagpur—440 033

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