Dr. Pradeep  Kundal



1. Name: Dr. Pradeep  Kundal

2. Born: January 7, 1963

3. Academic: M. Sc., 1983, Vikram University, Ujjain, M.P.

                    Ph.D.,  1988,   Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra

4. Awards/Fellowships: Awards:  (i) Best Field Worker Award During M. Sc.

                                               (ii) Prof. Agharkar Gold Medal for the Best Ph. D. thesis

    Fellowship(i)  JRF from DST,   1983 to 1985,  (ii) SRF from CSIR, 1986 to 1989.

5. Employment/Experience:

    Teaching: (i)   Lecturer,UG,15th Nov. 1989 to12th June 1990, Govt. College of   Engg., Goa 

                     (ii)  Lecturer, PG (Selected by MPSC, Mumbai), 15th June 1990 to 9th Aug. 1999,  

                            Govt. Institute  of Science,  Aurangabad

                    (iii)  Asstt. Professor, UG (Selected by MPSC, Mumbai), 10th Aug. 1999 to 19th Jan.

                            2000, Govt. College of    Engg., Amravati

                    (iv)  Reader PG,  Since 20th Jan. 2000, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur

    Administrative: (i)  Head, Dept. of Geology (PG), 1st July1996 to 9th Aug. 1999,                                                  

                                    Govt. Institute of Science, Aurangabad

                              (ii)  Head,  PG Dept. of Geology, RTMNU,  01.04.2000 to 30.4. 2005

6. Research Specialization and publications:  Micropaleontology  and Palichnology

    Publications: Published  Research full Papers- 52; Books Edited-03; Articles-7

7. Participation in Seminars/Symposia: National –21;  International- 2

8. Association with Scientific bodies:  Fellowships and Memberships : 11

    On the Executive Council : (i) Indian Geological Congress, Roorkee, since 2004

                                                (ii) Gondwana Geological Society, Nagpur, since 2002

                                                (iii) Palaeontological Society of India, Lucknow, since 2006     

                                                (iv) Member, Sectional Committee for Earth System  Sciences

                                                      for 94th  Indian Science Congress, 2007

9. Any other information:  Since 1992,   guiding  research  at  Doctoral  level  and  successfully  

    guided  07  students  for  Ph.D.; Two  Major  Research   Project    funded by DST completed,   

    (i) Total Outlay Rs. 3.24 lacs; 1995 to 1999 and  (ii) Total  Outlay  Rs.13.03 lacs; 2001-2005;

    Defended   the   FIST   proposal  of Dept.   before   Subject  Expert  Committee of DST, New

    Delhi on 20th   Nov., 2004   and   the  Dept.   was  sanctioned an amount of Rs. 45.00 Lacs on 

    9th  March, 2005;  Attended  8th  International Symposium on Fossil Algae at  Granada, Spain 

    during   Sept. 2003;    Organised     as     Convener,     the     XVIII    Indian   Colloquium   on 

    Micropaleontology & Stratigraphy  (ICMS),  Nagpur during Jan. 2002 and as Vice  Chairman

    the  National  Workshop    on    “Mineral Deposit   Modelling”,    Nagpur,  during  Feb. 2005;

    Organised as Coordinator the  Refresher  Course   in   Geology and Geography  conducted by

    UGC-   Academic   Staff   College,    RTMNU,   from  17th  July    to  6th  Aug.  2006; Chaired

    Scientific  Sessions  and  delivered  Key    Note  Addresses  at XIX   ICMS  at Varanasi, 2003

    and XX  ICMS at Visakhapatnam, 2005;  Cochaired  Scientific sessions at National Seminars,

    i.e. (i) National Symposium on Advances   in   Precambrian   Geology  &  Mineral Resources

    Modelling of Central India, at Nagpur, 2003, (ii) Recent  Advances  & Perspective Challenges  

    in Nonmarine Late  Cretaceous  of India, at  Nagpur,  2005   and    (iii)   93rd   Indian   Science  

   Congress- Earth  System  Science  Section, Hyderabad,  2006;    Delivered   a  special    lecture

   “Calcareous    Algae    from    Late    Paleocene   of    Middle   Andaman :         Stratigraphical,  

   Paleogeographical  and    Paleoenvironmental  implications”   in    the   office   of   Geological  

   Society  of  India,   Bangalore on  28th  Feb. 2001; Worked as  Subject  Expert  in  selection of  

   Junior Geologists  in  GSDA  at  the office of MSPSC, Mumbai   from  13th to  17th Dec. 2004 

   and   Worked  as  Chief of Spot Valuation  Centre of PG Dept.    of  Geology, RTMNU for six

   terms,  i.e.,  Summer 2001,  Winter 2001,  Summer 2002,  Winter 2002,     Summer  2003 and

   Summer 2004.