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Department Profile

The Department of History was established in the year 1958. The list of the Heads of the Department is as follows:-



Dr. B. K. Apte

1960 – 1973


Dr. M. B. Deopujari

1973 – 1974


Dr. (Mrs.) S. G. Vaidya

1974 – 1977


Dr. K. Mojumdar

1977 – 1995


Dr. Y. N. Gujar

1995 – 2002


Dr. (Mrs.) S. Johari

2002 – 2007


Dr. (Mrs.) S. Y. Meshram

2007 – 2009


Dr. (Mrs.) S. Johari

2009 - Present


1. To complete the syllabus well on time
2. To make a hub of intellectual activity by holding workshops and seminars and facilitate exchange of ideas
3. Use audio-visual aids in teaching to make teaching more effective.
4. To make the department a centre for advanced studies by giving an impetus to research along with effective teaching


Courses Conducted

1. M. A. Part – I Marathi & English Medium (Semester I & Semester II)
2. M. A. Part - II Marathi & English Medium (Semester III & Semester IV)



Student Intake Capacity

  • M. A. I Marathi Medium 60

  • M. A. I English Medium 60

  • M. A. II Marathi Medium 60

  • M. A. II English Medium 60

Eligibility for Admission

  • Candidates who are graduate in any discipline from the RTM Nagpur University or any other univertsity recognized as equivalent thereto.

  • Graduates from other Universities seeking admission to the M. A. History course are required to obtain an Eligibility Certificate from RTM Nagpur University and Submit original documents along with Migration Certificate.

Admission Procedure

Application forms for admission are obtainable on payment of Rs. 20/- each from the office of the PGTD Humanities, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Amravati Road, Nagpur. Duly filled forms are submitted in the Department along with true copies of the marksheets of Graduation Examination. Subsequently the admission list is prepared merit-wise and category-wise and is displayed on the Notice Board of the Department. The selected candidates are required to submit original college leaving certificate and deposit the admission fee in Account Section on or before the last date of admission declared by the University.


Department of History
Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University
PGTD Humanities
Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Educational Campus
Amravati Road, Nagpur – 440033.

New Syllabus –Semester Pattern - Effective from Academic Session 2012-13

M. A. Part – I (Semester I and Semester II)
Paper I Compulsory
Paper II Optional Paper
Paper III Optional Paper
Paper IV Compulsory

Paper I Historiography
Paper II a. India under the Sultanate Period
b. India Under Company Rule (1757-1856)
Paper III a. India under the Mughals
b. Indian National Movement (1905-1947)
Paper IV Modern World (1914-1950)


Semester – II

Paper I Trends and Theories of History
Paper II a. Society, Economy and Culture under the Sultanate
b. India under British Rule (1857-1905)
Paper III a. Society, Economy and Culture under the Mughals
b. Independent India (1947-2000)
Paper IV Contemporary World (1950-2000)

Students opting for paper II a and Paper III a in Semester I will have to opt for Paper II a and Paper III a in Semester II.

Paper I Compulsory
Paper II Optional Paper
Paper III Compulsory
Paper IV Compulsory


Paper I Emergence of Maratha Power in 17th Century
Paper II a. State in Ancient and Medieval India
b. Ecology and Environment
Paper III Economic History of India: 1757-1857
Paper IV History of Medieval Vidarbha



Paper I Expansion of Maratha Power: 1707-1818
Paper II a. State in British India
b. Ecology and Indian Human Societies
Paper III Economic History of India: 1858-1947
Paper IV History of Modern Vidarbha

Students opting for paper II a. in semester 3 will have to opt for Paper II a. in semester 4.

Old Syllabus :-

M. A. Part- I

Paper-I - Compulsory
Paper-II - One option is compulsory
Paper-III - One option is compulsory
Paper-IV - Compulsory
Paper-I Historiography
Paper-II History of Ancient India
(from Earliest Times to 650 AD)
History of Medieval India
(From 1206 to 1526 A.D.)
History of Modern India
(from 1757-1900 A.D.)

Paper-III History of Ancient India

(from 650 to 1206 A.D.)
History of Medieval India
(From 1526 to 1707 A.D.)
Twentieth Century India
(from 1900 to 2000 A.D.)

Paper-IV Twentieth Century World

M.A. – Part-II
Paper-I - Compulsory
Paper-II - One option is compulsory
Paper-III - One option is compulsory
Paper-IV - Compulsory

Paper-I - History of the Marathas
(from the Rise of the Marathas to 1818)
Paper-II - Women in India
State in India
Paper-III - History of Ideas
Economic History of India
Paper-IV - History of Vidarbha
(from Medieval Times to 1960)

Departmental Activities :
Department conduct Inter University Debate Competition, Seminars, workshops, invited lectures by  renowned Historians, Museum visits and Heritage walk.

Photo Odyssey of History Department

Orientation Programme for UPSC Civil Services and Engineering Services on 16 February 2013

Research Methology In History 15th December 2011
Inter-University Debate Competition Prize Winners of Inter-University Debate Competition on 12th January 2013
International Workshop on General Trends in History 25th July 2013 Two Days National Seminar on Urbanization March 2014.
Short Term Certificate Course July 2014 Dr.S.Johari receiving the Best Teacher Award 2014


Faculty Profile

Dr. (Mrs.) S. Johari
Professor and Head,
M.A. (specialization in Modern Indian History) Ph. D.
Papers Published : 42
International -12
National -30
Books Published : - 03
Projects completed : 01 Major & 01 Minor
Number of the students awarded Ph. D. : 11
Awards :  Best Teacher Award from RTM Nagpur University in 2014.
Email ID :

Dr. (Mrs.) S. Y. Meshram
Associate Professor
M.A. M.Phil. Ph. D.
Papers Published : 12
Books Published : 02
Number of students awarded Ph. D. : 03
Awards : 03
Email ID :

Dr. S. I. Koreti
Assistant Professor
M.A. ,NET,  LL. B, Ph. D.
Papers Published : 13
Books Published – 3
Email ID:



Mrs. Rashmi Condra
Assistant Professor
M. A., SET
Papers Published: 06
Projects Completed: 1 Minor Project of UGC
Email ID :



Dr. Ravi Khangai
Assistant Professor
M. A.,NET,  B. Ed., Ph. D.
Papers Published: 18
Books Published: 1
Project Completed : 1 Minor Project of UGC
Email ID :




Research Activities :-

Research Project Completed

  1. ‘A Decade of Unrest – A social, Economic and Political study of India 1875-1885.’
    Funding Agency – ICHR, New Delhi
    Total outlay – Rs. 2 lakhs,
    Principal Investigator : Dr. (Mrs.) Shubha Johari
  2. Changing Rural Life in Middle India : A case study of Nagpur – 1854 to 1898 : Funding Agency ICHR, New Delhi,
    Total outlay – Rs. 60,000
    Principal Investigator : Dr. (Mrs.) Shubha Johari.
  3. Redolence of Feminism in Hindi Cinema with Special Reference to V. Shantaram Films
    Funding Agency: UGC
    Principal Investigator: Mrs. Rashmi Condra

  4. Research Projects in Progress:-

    1. Dalit leadership in Vidarbha 1900 to 1950
    Funding Agency – UGC , Total outlay – Rs. 5,96,200.
    Principal Investigator, Dr.(Mrs.) S. Y. Meshram

    2. Some Tribal Uprisings of Central India in 19th Century; a Historical Study:
    Funding Agency : - UGC
    Total outlay – Rs. 3,26,000
    Principal Investigator : Dr. S.I. Koreti

    3. Aborigins in the Mahabharata
    Funding Agency: UGC
    Total Outlay: Rs. 1,50,000
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Ravi Khangai




List of  Ph. D. Degree Awarded Since Inception Under Faculty Members of Department of History

Dr. B. K. Apte

Candidate’s name

Subject Year

1.     Smt.Leela Deshpande-

Revenue administration of the Berar Subah under the early Mughals with special reference to Aurangzeb.


2.     Rajendra Kumar Dube

Bhonsle Raghuji II (1772-1816) 1970-71

3.     Krishna Ambadas Acharya

Maratha Rajput relations from 1720 to 1795


4.     Ananta Shivaram Lohkare

Appasaheb Bhonsle of Nagpur 1816-1840


5.     Smt. Suman Govinda Vaidya

Peshwa Bajirao II and the downfall of the maratha power


6.     Shanta Vyankatesh Kothekar

The Gaikwads of Baroda and the East India Company 1770-1820


7.     Sri K.K.Adhikari

Nagpur under Jung Bahadur


8.     Sri. Krinsha Kant Adhikari

History of Nepal 1817-1877


9.   Sri. Krishna Atmaram Shete

Gurkha regiments in British India 1816-1947


10.  Sri. Sukhranjan Chakravorty

Indo-Burmese relations 1885-1937


11.  Sri. Bhalchandra Ramchandra Rao Andhare

Bundelkhand under the Marathas 1720-1818


12.   Sri. P.K.Pandit

Sindhia British Realtions 1782-1827


Dr. M.B. Deopujari

Candidate’s name



1. Sri Damodar Shreshar Wahkare

History of the Nagpur state from 1803-1818


2. Sri. Mohammad Yaseen Kuddussi

Berar under the Mughals 1595-1724


3. Sri. T.V. Gedam

Untouchability and its origin


4.  Sri. Motiram Kothiram Umathe

Bhartiya Rashtra Vadacha Vaicharik Va Andolanatmak Itihaas 1885-1920


5.  ri. Madan Lal Chaggan Lal Bhatt

The administrative system of Suba Berar under the Asaf Jahi dynasty of Hyderabad 1724-1853


6. Sri. Nihalchand Anandji Wakkani

Aadhunik Vidarbh ka Itihaas 1885-1947


7.Sri. Sharad Chandra Gopal Rao Kolarkar

Janoji Bhonsle and his times 1755-1772


8. Sri. Ramvinayak Ingle

Shinde Holkar sambandh 1745-1798





Dr. Suman Vaidya

Candidate’s name



1.     Sri. Yadao Nathuji Gujar

Malhar Rao Holkar ani Tyahcha Kaal


2.     Sri.V.M  Bagvatkar

The role of the R.I.N  mutinee of February 1946 (Royal Indian Navy uprising in the Indian freedom struggle)


 Dr. Shanta Kothekar

Candidate’s name



1.    Sri. Vijay Hambarde

Peshwe Gaikwad Sambandh 1720-1818


2.   Kumari Shuchita Shankarrao Deshmukh

Fateh Singh Gaikwad-I ani  Tyancha Kaal 1768-1790


3.     Sri Jaffar Khan Patel

The province of Aurangabad under the Nizams 1724-1746


4. Sri Chandrashekar Dadaji Golhar

Peshwa Balaji-Vishwanath Kaal va Kaamgiri


5.    Smt. Shipra Mukharjee

Indian administration of Lord William Bentinck


6.    Smt. Vasanti Vishwa Kumar

How Rhodesia became Zimbabwe: History of the freedom movement of Zimbabwe 1960-1980


7. Sri . Joseph Sebastian Thekedam

The Travancore state: Congress and the struggle for responsible government in Travancore 1938-1947


8.    Smt. Vibha Vyankatesh Dahasahastra

Kolhapur va Maratha Rajya:1710-1898


9.    Smt. Damayanti Pathak

Bhartiya Swatantraya Chadavadit Vidarbhateel striyanchya Sahbag




Dr K. Mojumdar

Candidate’s name



1.     Sri. Gopal Rao Maruti Rao Joshi

Bastar 1883-1910: British relations with tribal state


2.     Sri Abdul Elmonim Ahmad Elbashir

The History of the practice of art on craft fabric in Islam


3.     Sri. Mohammed Illyas Kuddussi

The Suba of Khandesh under the great Mughals 1601-1724


4.     Smt. Shubha Johari

Some aspects of political developments in Central Provinces and Berar 1927-1939


5.  Sri. Yashwant Anandrao Shinde

The making of modern Gwalior state


6.     Dr. Sheikh Shabbir

History of educational development in Vidarbha from 1882 to 1923 A.D


Dr. K.A. Shete

Candidate’s name



1.     Sri. Balkrishna Shyamrao Kurve

History of civil defence in India in the post  independence period


2.     Smt. Jayshri Agnihotri

Kachhwahas of Jaipur and their relations with Mughals 1526-1767


3.     Ku. Sangeeta Manohar Borkar

Bhartiya Swatantrya Sangramaateel Marathi Vrith Patranche Yogadan 1885-1920


4.     Sri. V. G. Bais

Wardha Jilyateel Swantantra Andolancha Itihas 1920-47



5.     Sri. Anil S. Zoad

Vidarbhateel Savinaya Kayadebhangachi chadvad-1930-34


6.     Smt. Page

Bhandara Jilyateel Shaikshnik Pragati Cha Adhava – 1950-1980


7.     J. A. Jawanjal

Rashtrsant Tukadoji Maharaj Yanche Samajik Va Rahstriya Karya – 1930-1968


8.     Smt.Deepali Bhave

Smt.Mrinal GoreYanche Sarvajanik Karya-Ek Aitihasik Vishleshan-1928-1953


9.     Smt. J.V.Khadse

Senapati Bapat- Ek Jhunjhark Krantikarak-1880-1967


10.   Shri M.P.Kulkarni

Social History and Adiwasi in Vidarbha with Special Reference to Gonds, Madia and Korku Tribes Since 1947


11.  Sri Bhupesh Chikte

Gopal Krishna Gokhale  Aani Nemasta Rajkaran – 1886-1915


12.  A. J. Mapari

Yawli Cha Swatantra Sangram – 1930-1942


Dr. Y.N. Gujar

Candidate’s name



1.     Smt. M.M. Ramkteke

Tukoji Holkar ani tyancha Kaal


2.     Smt. Rashmi Band

Raghunath Rao Peshwe: Ek Adhyayan


3.     Sri Rajkumar Zutshi

Economic policy of the Peshwas


4.     Smt. Afroz Sheikh

Tryambak Rao Pethe, Vyakti Evam Karya


5.     Smt. Lata Agale

Bhartachya Swatantra Andolanat Bhandara Zillyacha Sahbhag – 1921-1947


6. Smt.Mubarak Qureshi

Satrahvi Shatabdi Ke Bhakti Andolan Me Viksit Hindu Muslim Samanvaya Bhavana Ka Maharashtra Par Prabhav


7. Sri Rajkumar Kolhe

Bharatyacha Swatantra Yuddhata Thane Zillyacha Sahbhag – 1885-1947


8. Smt. Divya Baghmar

Bhartiya Rashtriya Congress Me Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Ki Bhumika


9.Smt. Archana Srivastava

Socio-Economic Condition During The Yadavas


10. Sri Chandrashekhar Phadnaik

Role of Sardar Vallabha Bhai Patel in the Hyderabad Police Action


11. Sri Ajay Kamble


Nalanda Vidyapeethateel Shikshan Paddhati : Ek Aitehasik Addhyayan


12.Smt. Alka Gundewar

Hnaripant Phadke Aani Tyancha Kaal – 1762-1794


13.Smt. Sunita Saraikar

Veesaji Krishna Biniwale : Tyanche Karya Ek Samiksha


14. Smt. S. P. Lakhe

Maharani Yesubai Aani Teecha Kal


15. Sri T. R. Bannagare

Marathiyancha Swantantraya Chadbadit Santaji Ghorpade Va Dhanaji Jadhav Hyanchi Bhumika – Ek Mulyamapan – 1689-1707


16. Smt. C. P. Patle

Patwardhan Peshwe Sambandha – Ek Mulyamapan


17. S. V. Doye

Kanhoji Angre Aani Tyanchi Kamgiri


18.   Sri D. S. Kadhao

Senapati Dhanaji Jadhav Vyakti Aani Kartritva – 1650-1708


19.   Sri A. N. Jogi

Pahelya Bajirao Peshwyacha Uttarekadeel Mohim – 1720-1740 – Ek Aitihasik Mulyamapan.


20.   Smt. K. M. Sangole

Peshwe-Nizam Sambandh – Ek Chikitsak Adhyayan 1722-1795


21.  Sri R. T. Vaidya

Punyashlok Ahilyabai Holkar Aani Peshwe Sambandh – Ek Vishleshan.


22.   Smt. Anjali Singh

Role of Christian Missionaries in Vidarbha from 1846 to 1947


Dr. S. Johari

Candidate’s name



  1. Sri Purnendu Kar

Jay Prakash Narain’s Concept of Total Revolution and Its Practice: 1974 to 1979


  1. Sri Arun M. Meshram

Moghal Samrat Aurngzeb Aani Marathayanche Rajkiya Sambandh – 1658-1707


  1. Ku. Mola Pandey

Cross-Sectional Participation in Civil Disobedience Movement in the Central Provinces and Berar


  1. Sri D. M. Domingo

A Study on Mahatma Gandhi’s Social Works at Sevagram Ashram, Wardha – 1936-1946


  1. Smt. S. A. Sheikh

Jai Prakash Naraya Samajwad se Sarvodaya ki Or – Ek Aitihasik Vishleshan


  1. Sri S. I. Koreti

Socio-Cultural History of the Gonds of Madhya Pradesh (From 17th to Mid-20th Century)


  1. Smt. Poorvi Bhattacharya

The Indian Nationalist Movement : The Last Phase – 1935-1947


  1. Smt. M. N. Ahmed

H. M. Malak ki Uplabdhiyan : Aitihasik Samiksha – 1857-1922


  1. Sri Satish C. Chaturvedi

Gandhian Movements in Vidarbha – 1920-1942


  1.  Smt. Shruti Jadhav

Land Revenue and Judicial Administration in the Central Provinces and Berar – 1861 to 1920


  1.  Sri Satish Lokpal Chaple

British East India Companyche Samajik Dhoran (1813 – 1856) – Ek Chikitsak Adhyayana


Dr. S. Y. Meshram

Candidate’s name



  1. Sri A. D. Fulzele

Ambedkari Chadwaditeel Dadasaheb Gaekwad Yanche Yogdan


  1. Sri R. T. Gaidhane

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkaranche Stri Vishayak Vichar Chikitsak Abhyas


  1. Sri D. P. Lonkar

Vinoba Bhave : Aitihasik Mulyamapan – 1895-1982



Students of Department of History Who Have Passed NET / SLET Examinations

1. Rafiq Sheikh
2. Ravindra Lonare
3. Avinash Fulzele
4. Bhagyawan Ramteke
5. Siddartha Dhoke
6. Milind Bhagat
7. Ratnadeep Meshram
8. Yogesh Bhoyar
9. Vinade Somkuwar
10. Arvind Punwatkar
11. Janardan Meshram
12. Sanjeevani Patil
13. Pankaj Moon
14. Satish Chaple
15. Naresh Madavi
16. Bhushan Nikure
17. Sandeep Nannaware
18. Gajanan Ghumde
19. Avinash Awachat
20. Pradnya Khobragade
21. Sanmukh Khobragade
22. Umesh Jambhure
23. Shrikant Panghate
24. Kavita Somnathe
25. Arun Allewar
26. Atul Ghonmode
27. Satish Rathod
28. Prakash Masram
29. Mrunalini Thombre
30. Poonam Janbandhu
31. Praful Nande

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