Department of Public Administration & Local Self Government
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About us

Mahatma Jyotiba Fuley Education Campus, Amaraoti Road,
Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj, Nagpur University, Nagpur

Ph. No. Direct 500330

P.B.X. No. 500323, 500324 (Ext. 14)

Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj, Nagpur University

Department of Public Administration


Local Self Government

Established in 1949

Heads of the Department

  1. Prof. M. P. Sharma                            1949-1957

  2. Dr. E. H. Walson                                1957-1960

  3. Prof. V. S. Murthy                             1960-1989

  4. Dr. S. L. Dave                                    1989-1995

  5. Dr. Neelima Deshmukh                      1995-1998

  6. Dr. Nirmal Kumar Singh                     1998-1999

  7. Dr. Neelima Deshmukh                      Jan. 2000 - onwards 



   Dr. Nirmal Kumar Singh


  Shri J. G. Wasnik
  M. A.



A) Teaching & Research Activities :

I)       Courses Offered :

      M.A. – Public Administration  - 2 Yrs Degree Course

      LSGD – Local Self Govt. Diploma – 1 Year UG Course

II)      Design of Curriculas

      i) M.A. I (4 Papers)

     P  I     - Administrative Theories

     P  II     - Modern Public Administration

     P  III   - Management Science

     P IV    - Comparative Public Admn.

      ii) M.A. I (4 Papers)

     P  I     - Personnel Administration

     P  II & P  III    to be selected from any one of the following Groups  

                 GR I –    a) Rural Govt. & Administration

                                 b) Urban Administration

GR II –  a) Planning & Administration

                                 b) Rural Development Administration

GR III – a) Administrative System of Maharashtra

                                 b) Development Administration in Maharashtra

     P IV    - Development Administration Or Research Paper   

ii)  Local Self Government Diploma – 6 Papers

P  I     - Urban Local Govt. With Special Reference to Maharashtra

P  II    - Panchayati Raj

P  III   - Comparative Local Govt. with Special Reference to UK/USA/France

P IV    - Local Finance & Accounts in India with special ref. to Maharashtra

P  V    -  Management in Local Govt.

P  VI   -  Practical Training Test or Research Paper



Research Activities :

            Community and welfare oriented areas like Rural Development, Good Governance, Rural & Urban Institutes like Panchayati Raj Bodies, Muncipal Corporations, NIT, Financial Institutions, Industries, Public Sector Industries like MSEB, Women’s Empowerment, Consumer Protection, Social Welfare, Environment Protection, Education Policies, Disaster Management, Administrative Culture, Bureaucracy, Population, Administrative Reforms, are Dealt in depth & the researches conducted are of practical utility to the Government. In many cases the Govt. of Maharashtra has taken the note of the suggestions.


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