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Hostel facility is available for Boys in the Institute premises (Ph. No. 0712-2561151).   

Forty four  seats  reserved for First Year B.Tech. and 10 seats for First Year M.Tech. 

Limited seats are available to Girls in the University Girls Hostel, Near LAD College, North Ambazari Road,  Nagpur-440 010 (Ph. No. 0712 - 2246854).   


Application Forms


1.   Application forms for admission to the Hostel together with the copy of the prospectus can be obtained from the Warden Office of the respective hostels during office hours, by submitting receipt of Rs. 10 paid at the counter of University Income Section, Campus, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.  

2.   All applications for admission duly filled and forwarded by the Director, LIT, Nagpur should be submitted to the Warden office of the respective hostels with a receipt of nonrefundable fee of Rs. 25  as registration fee paid at the counter of University Income Section, Campus, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.  

3.    Applicant must submit all the relevant documents with the application form as stated in the application form and prospectus. Incomplete applications will not consider for admission and shall be rejected.


Required Documents / Certificates

  • Request application on plane paper for getting admission in the Hostel.

  • Filled application form duly certified by the Director, LIT, Nagpur.

  • Receipt of fees paid for admission in LIT, Nagpur.

  • Receipt of registration fees of Rs. 25 paid at the counter of University Income Section, Campus, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.   

  • Mark sheet of the previous exams. passed.

  • Caste & Validity / Non-Creamy layer certificate whichever is applicable.

  • Medical certificate from General Surgeon regarding health fitness.

  • Parent undertaking regarding fitness and responsibility of the student.

  • Three passport size photographs out of which one should be pasted on the application form duly attested by Head of the department.

  • Three self addressed envelope affixed with postage stamp of Rs.5 each.

Admission and Admission Fee


1.    Admission to the Hostel is subject to the admission of the student to the full time courses offered by the Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur.

2.    Admission to the hostel is subject to the availability of seats and overall performance of the student.

3.    Hostel session shall commence each year on 1st July and end on 30th April. For the extended period, students have to pay nominal charge as applicable per week / month.

4.    Verification of documents and interview will be held on next day of submission of application form.

5.    Admission of the student shall be made final until the Warden is after interviewing the applicant personally satisfied that he is a fit person to be admitted to the hostel. The Warden can refuse any admission without giving any reason to the applicant.

6.    Any request, force, canvassing or recommendations for getting admission in the hostel are liable to reject application.  

7.    On admission, student has to pay hostel fees in full immediately.  

8.    The hostel fee is Rs.1900 (For two seated room) deposited at the counter of University Income Section, Campus, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur  by means of challan issued by the hostel office & submit the same in the hostel office on the same day. The deposit (refundable)  of Rs.2000 in the form of D.D. in favour of  Director, LIT payable at Nagpur. The amount of mess deposit can be adjusted against the mess bill of last month.  

9.    In case  of education  loan, D.D. in favour of Director, LIT payable at Nagpur is acceptable.

10.  After getting admission  in the  hostel, report  before the commencement of classes along with the luggage (electric tube light, bucket, lock, bedding, dust bin etc.) during office hours only. Otherwise admission  will  get cancelled  & will  not  be  eligible  for  any  refund. 

11. Orientation lecture for first year student will be arranged after admission. The Hostel Warden will preside over this function. The parents can also attend the same. The Student Council will take all care of newly admitted students.

12. The Wel-Come function for newly admitted students will be arranged by the second year students.    




1.   Compulsory messing arrangement on monthly payment basis.

2.   Canteen in the Institute premises.

3.   All time Internet facility (Wi-Fi) on yearly payment basis runs by the Student Development Cell, LIT Boys Hostel.

4.   Computer Laboratory.

5.   Departmental store, Student library, Gym, Dhobi etc.  

6.   TV connected with cable.

7.   Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Carrom, Chess etc.

8.   Pure & Cold water for drinking & hot water for bathing.

9.   Free remedial coaching by senior students.

10. Student welfare cell for economically weak students.


LIT Hostel Occasions / Activities Calendar


1.   Fresher’s / Welcome party for newly admitted students by the senior students.

2.   Hostel premises cleaning camp.

3.   Independence Day on 15th August.

4.   Blood Donation Camp on 29th September.

5.   Rao Bahadur D. Laxminarayan Birth Day on 30th September.

6.   Tree Plantation during rainy season.

7.   Indian Constitution Day on 25th November.

8.   Blood Donation Camp on 12th January.

9.   Rao Bahadur D. Laxminarayan Commemoration Day on 13th January.

10.  Republic Day on 26th January.

11.  Hostel Day  & Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti celebration between 16-22 (7 days) February. The main function celebrated on 19th February.

12.  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April.

13.  Farewell party for final year B.Tech. & M.Tech. students by their juniors.

14.  Photo session for final year B.Tech. & M.Tech. at the end of session.

15.  General meetings with students throughout the year.

16.  Lecture series on Personality Development / English Speaking / GDPI etc. 





1.    The Committee will look after any matter of the hostel students.

2.    The Committee will try to solve the problems of the students.

3.    The Committee will take due care of hostel residents.  


Anti-Ragging Committee (ARC)


1.    The  Committee  will  look  after  any  matter  of  new   students   preferably ragging  in  the  Hostel  campus.

2.    The members are required to inform to the Warden immediately regarding the matter of ragging.

3.    The new students are required to inform to the Warden or any of the member.

4.    In fact, there no matter of RAGGING/ inhumanity in the hostel premises.




1.    To maintain discipline among the students.

2.    To maintain the Hostel campus neat & clean.

3.    Avoid violence in the hostel.

4.    Maintain peace & silence during exam. period. 

5.    Any other discipline if necessary.




1.    To take care about the quality supplied by the contractor to the students. 

2.    Finalization of menu from time to time.

3.    To take care about the health of the students.




1.    The Committee will look after  the purchasing and maintenance of the computer.

2.    Installation of necessary software’s.

3.    Formatting of PC.

4.    NET connectivity and bills.

 Note: The above committees will work under the Student Development Cell and the decision of the Warden shall be final.




1.    The use of Internet laboratory is somewhat limited so that every student can avail such facility.

2.    The student having laptop are requested to use this facility at their own laptop as the computers are very less in numbers.

3.    The students other than hostellers are not allowed.

4.    Avoid misuse of internet facility.

5.    Maintain peace and silence in the lab.

6.    Installation of software’s on PC are not allowed.

7.    Keep the lab clean.

8.    Remove the footwear outside. 

9.    Follow the time allotted.

10. Properly switch off the machine after use.

11. The Internet committee will responsible for the maintenance.

12. Casual / Provisional students are not allowed.

13. Opening time: 8.30am          Closing time: 10.00pm

14. Remaining rules are similar to hostel rules.

15. The reserved time for first year is 6 to 7pm.



1.   Inmates of the Hostel should stay only in the room allotted to them by the Warden. They should not either interchange the rooms among themselves, or shift to another room without permission of the Warden.

2.  Inmates of the Hostel should not entertain any guest or outsider in their rooms. If relatives of any student happens to stay, they can  stay  with student with the prior permission of the Warden & no objection by the room partner. The charge per guest per day is Rs. 50.

3.   Inmates should not leave station without permission of the Warden.

4.   Not more than two students are allowed to sit on the cot.

5.   Students should not leave the hostel without permission and they are to be present in the room by 10.00pm.

6.   Inmates are responsible for furniture’s and fittings (switches, boards, fans, etc.) provided to them. They are expected to check the above when occupy & vacate the Hostel.

7.   Inmates are not allowed to use any electrical appliances like heaters, table fans, speaker  etc.

8.   Use of Computer / Laptop is not allowed in the room. However, permission will be given to needy candidates individually. They have to pay electricity charge of Rs.100 per month by 10th of every month in advance from the date of permission till the cancellation of permission.

9.   Switch OFF fan, light or any electrical appliance as and when the students leave the room for more than 10 min.

10.                Necessary / available facilities will be provided to the resident students of the hostel. If any student is not satisfied with such facilities are required to vacate the room.

11.                Outside food, Milk, Breakfast is not allowed in the hostel.

12.                Every student has to switch OFF water heater (i.e. Geizer) and closed water tap after use.

13.                As the Dhobi is available in the hostel, washing of clothes except innerwear are not allowed in the hostel. 

14.                Inmates should not make mark on the walls, doors and windows by writing or pasting posters, calendars etc.

15.                Students entering into the campus by consuming intoxicants will be liable for serious punishment.

16.                Hostellers should vacate and handover the furniture’s and fittings in the rooms in good condition at the time of leaving the Hostel for summer vacation.

17.                Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student found in ragging will be expelled from the Hostel as per the rules stipulated by the government.

18.                Every student shall carry his Identity Card and shall produce whenever ask for.

19.                Every student should keep the rooms clean and neat.  

20.                The students shall behave in disciplined manner and follow all instructions issued by the Warden from time to time.

21.                Maintain silence and peace in the Hostel.

22.                Avoid misuse of electricity.

23.                Organizing Functions / Celebrations are not allowed.

24.                Vehicles are not allowed in the hostel. However, permission will be given to desired candidates having valid papers in his name.

25.                Unnecessary luggage is not allowed to keep in the room.

26.                Unnecessary argument by  the student with the staff of  the hostel  are liable for punishment and fine.

27.                Use of dust bin is compulsory.

28.                Use of mobile is not allowed in the premises of the hostel. If  anybody found while using mobile, the mobile will be cease in the hostel office  or heavy fine will be charged.

29.                 Attendance in National, Social or other functions is compulsory.  Otherwise, strict action will be taken against him.

30.                If any student violates the above clause  he  is liable  for  punishment / fine / expulsion from the Hostel. In such  cases  any  refund  of room rent or the deposit  will  not get back.    








Sr. No.

Act of Indiscipline

Action to be taken


Involved in ragging (inside OR outside) the campus.

Immediate suspension from the hostel and college. The case may be handed over to the police for further process.


Creating nuisance during Silence/study hours (10 pm Onwards).

Actions depending upon the severity of the cases.


Returning to the hostel late              (After 10.00pm).

Heavy fine depending upon the severity.


Explosion of crackers

Heavy fine depending upon the  severity. (to be decided by the Warden).


Remaining absent from the hostel without prior permission.

Action depending Upon the severity of the case.


Smoking in or outside the hostel premises.

Action depending open the Severity of the case.


Consumption of alcoholic Drinks/drugs in or outside the premises.

Immediate termination from the hostel.


Casing damage to hostel Property 
i)Sticking posters 
ii) Spitting and defacing the walls
iii) Damaging any fixtures

Fine to the roommates or all students of the wing/ class.


Celebrating birthdays at Midnight anywhere in the Campus.

Fine to the roommates or all students of the wing/ class.


Mis-behavior with students, Staff, guards, mess staff, Girls, laundry, canteen staff etc.

Heavy fine or termination from the hostel immediately.


Allowing unauthorised person in the room strictly not allowed.

Heavy fine depending upon the severity.





1.            Compulsory messing arrangement on monthly payment basis.

2.            Timings:         Lunch          : 12.30pm – 1.45pm

3.            Extra (e.g. Paratha, Curd, Fried Rice, Fried Dal etc.) is allowed on demand by giving

4.            order  in sufficient quantity before two hours.

5.            Guests are not allowed without permission.

6.            The mess bill payment of the last month will be deducted from mess

7.            Heavy sound and mobiles are not allowed in the mess to maintain silence.

8.            Do not entertain with mess contractor regarding messing arrangement.

9.            No special water will be provided (i.e. Hot water, Cold water etc.) in the mess.

10.         Fast is not allowed in the hostel. In such cases no special food will be provided.

11.         Mess is compulsory and proper steps will be taken to provide justified food in the

mess. Those are not satisfied with the food provided in the mess are required to vacate the room immediately.

12.         Payment of mess can be deposited with mess contractor by 10th of every month.     

13.         A fine of Rs. 2 per day can be charge for late payment.

14.         Menus in the mess will be finalized in consultation with the mess committee, students and the mess contractor.  The Warden decision if any shall be final. For any change in menus, contact to the undersigned.

15.         Special menus during change are limited.

16.         Any change in menus is not allowed without permission.